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Built For Security

Keep your valuables safe and sound in one of our Safe Deposit Vault.
Rent a Safe Deposit Vault for as long as you want, and access it 7 days a week.

Complete Privacy
Enhanced Security

You keep all keys to your box -
50 ton structural steel vault -
 24/7 electronic monitoring -
 24/7 armed response -

The Safe Private Vault

NUX Private Vaults offers variety of secure vaults. Our 6,830 square foot secure vault features safe deposit boxes of individual sizes, own safe & lockers, and VIP's offering personalized services catered to your individual needs. Our highest priority ensures that your possessions are safe and secure.

Box Sizes & Rates

Extra Small (XS)


3" x 5" x 25"

Small (S)


5" x 5" x 25"

Medium (M)


3" x 10" x 25"

Large (L)


5" x 10" x 25"

Extra Large (XL)


10" x 10" x 25"

VIP Services


Contact Sales Department

Facility Features


Built to serve as a security vault from the ground up


Integrated Security Alarm System


Five layers of bullet proof glass


Protection from natural and man-made disasters

Reserve A Safe Deposit Box


TIVA S.A., Citicenter, Av. Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez 3794, Asuncion, Paraguay 1982

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Being security conscious, I consider the facilities and service of NUX private vaults to be the best I have known.

I have been using deposit box at the bank until I was introduced to NUX. I so much appreciate the cordial relations between myself and the staff. This is the place to safekeep your valuables at good rates."